Galvanized Sheet Metal Duct


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Galvanized sheet metal duct are made from quality galvanized steel in 3 foot lengths for ease of use. Upon installation of one, each piece is pinched for easy fitting of solid joints or to sheet metal fitting and flexible duct. To allow ease of assembly, the seam on our galvanized sheet metal duct is formed on a snap – lock machine. Insstall to your adjoining items by simply snapping the seam togther.

Installation tips and tricks – Start at one end and work your way to the other end in order to snap the seam together, ensuring you hear the seam snap as it goes together. The seam is prevented from easily coming apart with snap feature. To prevent air leakage it is recommended that you seal this seam using a duct sealant. This enables the system to run more efficiently reducing your utility bills. Slide the pinched end of the duct into the straight end of the fitting when attaching to sheet metal fittings and secure with sheet metal screws at about 4 inches on center. It is also recommended that you seal this joint with a duct sealant by wrapping a fiberglass insulation blanket around the sheet metal ducts. All sheet metal ducts used for supply air in your heating or air conditioning system should be insulated on the outside.


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