Fiberglass Insulation


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Fiberglass insulation is particularly made for insulation sheet metal duct and fittings. It aids in greatly removing heat gain in the summer and loss of heat in the winter. Fiberglass insullations also serves in reducing utility bills and keeping your space really comfortable.

Installation tips and tricks- Fiberglass insulation are obtainable in 36 inches wide rolls or 36 inches wide rolls that are cut into 4-9 inches wide rolls per bundle. The 36 inches wide rolls are great for insulating sheet metal duct runs and 9 inches wide rolls are ideal for insulating fitting. Unroll fiberglass then wrap it around the duct in a spiral motion ensuring the ends are overlapped at least 1 inch to ensure that all of the exposed metal is coated. Use fiberglass spray glue adhesive to attach the fiberglass to the sheet metal, for a more sturdy installation in your project.

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